project: iGreen BRANDS

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The Client

iGreen BRANDS provides natural products to support personal wellness & wellbeing, providing the industry’s highest quality hemp stalk oil. For this project I developed two separate product lines; iGreen RELAX & iGreen CARE. Featured here is the iGreen RELAX line of hemp stalk oil tinctures. 


The Objective

iGreen’s target market consists of customers looking for natural alternatives to conventional  over-the-counter & prescription medications.  Thus we wanted packaging that would emphasize the “natural” properties of the product. Given the very limited label size and the strict FDA compliance standards we wanted a very clean minimal design that quickly communicated the product purpose at a glance.


The Solution

The primary color palette is muted natural tones with complementary elements of high-contrasting color. The palette is warm, rich, and soothing, while maintaining a polished and sophisticated aesthetic. We’re adding a tag attached to the neck of the bottle by a hemp rope. In a retail environment this will help attract the attention of the customer while providing the impression of an even richer more trustworthy product. More importantly the tag will offer additional details about the product…possibly the difference between “Hemp Oil” and “Hemp Stalk Oil”. This will help to educate the customer to iGreen’s superior product and substantiate the higher price point. Furthermore I like the juxtaposition of contrasting materials; the natural hemp rope against the smooth glass bottle.