I’ve developed an honest and transparent model for pricing projects. Each project is unique and requires special attention, this is reflected in the overall cost which is detailed in  individual project proposals.


After our initial design consultation I’ll work up an estimated cost for your project. This is not intended to be a final quote, rather a realistic approximation based on years of experience on how many hours will be involved to complete the project to your specifications and satisfaction. I charge different rates for each step of the process. I track and log all time spent working on your project and provide tools for you to monitor exactly where we stand along the way to project completion. Should a project take longer than estimated, I’ll discount my rates for the additional time spent working until all tasks are completed as outlined in the project scope.


Every project begins with conducting research. This is a crucial step in the design process and enables me to fully understand your needs as well as those held by the market you’re targeting. This is when I can begin to conceptualize your project and explore design options.


I consider “planning” the point in the process when I begin developing the story which is your project and define the roadmap to see it through fruition. This phase involves deep contemplation and visualization of all the moving parts and final use-case scenarios.


During the design phase ideas become reality. This typically involves creating wireframe drawings, storyboards, mockups, etc. Here I will expand on and test concepts that arise during my research & planning. Once I have a design ready for initial review we will critique the designs. This allows the design to evolve in adherence with your needs and vision. Based on your feedback I’ll make revisions accordingly then we’ll review again. We’ll repeat this process until you are 100% satisfied.


Once you have approved and signed off on the designs, I’ll provide all the final assets & working files identified in the scope of work. I can assist with printing, hosting, publishing, deployment, etc…


Standard rates are broken down into 1/4 hour increments. e.g. Logo Design: minimum 4 hours research, typically 8 hours graphic design = $520

Research: $30/hour

Planning: $30/hour

Graphic Design: $150/hour

Print Design: $150/hour

WordPress Web Design: $150/hour

Custom Web Design: $180/hour

UI/UX Design: $150/hour

Delivery: $50/hour

Design Consultation: $150/hour


This is a fantastic option for companies that require monthly design work but do not have enough work to justify hiring a full time in-house designer. I also work with design firms looking to utilize my unique skill-set for specialty projects. 

Monthly retainer rates are broken down into 20 or 40 hour blocks and offer corporate clients a flat rate. Under this option if a project requires more than the allotted monthly 20 or 40 hours, I’ll continue to work as needed for the remainder of the month at the hourly rate specified in the chosen package.

Graphic Design Pricing:

*20 hours per month: $60/hour = $1,200

*40 hours per month: $55/hour = $2,200

*Unused hours expire 30 days after a projects start date. 

WordPress/web Design Pricing:

*20 hours per month: $100/hour = $2,000

*40 hours per month: $95/hour = $3,800

I’m currently accepting new projects and I’m always interested in hearing project ideas. Please contact me today to get an estimate: (954) 254.3099

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