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The Client

It’s aNew™ day for hemp!

Not all plants are created equal. Neither are all foods. aNew’s unique CBD-rich functional food products are enriched with a whole food source of CBD from hemp oil. They pair natural CBD with other functional ingredients and food-based nutrients in a variety of products like protein bars, oils, baked goods, nutritional supplements, and other beneficial products for consumers of all ages.


The Objective

aNew was a startup with a clear direction. They wanted to create a recognizable brand that differentiated them from the competition by highlighting the healthful benefits of CBD-Rich Hemp Oil. They aimed to introduce CBD enriched nutritional products to the market and educate consumers to the numerous ways that CBD Hemp Oil can support wellness. Cannabinoids have been found, in clinical settings, to have antioxidant properties. The natural benefits of cannabinoids have been known and utilized for thousands of years, and these benefits are finally being rediscovered in the 21st century.



The Solution

We decided early on that the packaging was to be predominately white with a clean, minimal, modern aesthetic. The logo would clearly reference botanicals and support the tag line “It’s aNew Day For Hemp!”. To achieve this I stylized a hemp leaf and chose a modern sans serif font featuring a rich green color. The packaging is predominately white with images of the main ingredients clearly represented. At a glance consumers can instantly identify what the product is and the amazing ingredients it contains.

Package Design

The aNew Protein Bar packaging was designed to stand out on the shelves of the high-end retailers that carried the product. It needed to feel gourmet, natural, healthy, and emphasize the most unique and distinguishing ingredient, CBD-Rich Hemp Oil.

Color Palette

We chose to use solid white backgrounds with aNew green and gray tones for the copy. Copy is highly legible against the white and lends to a very clean & polished look. This also draws consumers attention directly to the beautiful large imagery of the ingredients.

Box Design

The aNew Protein Bar box was designed to stand out on among the sea of competing products on the shelves of high-end retail health & wellness stores. The stark white and bold imagery captures attention and draws customers in.

Cookie Package Design

The aNew Cookie packaging feature a gorgeous primary image for the product with secondary imagery of the decadent ingredients. The focus is more on the chocolate than hemp seeds given this is a treat first and a supplement second.

aNew Squirts

The aNew Squirts design was in line with the rest of the products but here we introduced a bold table element that mirrored the box surrounding the CBD-Rich Hemp Oil on the front of the labels. The heavy lined tables drew attention to important usage and nutritional information.

Brand Guidelines

The aNew packaging utilized several complementary fonts. Where the logo was a single modern san serif font and alway a solid green.